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General/Mayor Magmar

Character image 360x480 General magmar

70338 alt2

Years 2016
Set Appearances 70321 General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom
70338 Ultimate General Magmar
First TV Appearance Greed is Good?
Special Armor Tattered Cape
Knight Mouthguard
Follows Jestro (Formerly)
Monstrox (formerly)
Weapons & Gear Siege Machine
Magma Blade
Shield of Absorption (App)
Quote "Victory!"
Voice Actor Garry Chalk

General/Mayor Magmar is a secondary antagonist and the leader of the Lava Monsters in Nexo Knights.

Personality Description

When you want to conquer the world with an army of monsters, you need a good general to command them. General Magmar is the greatest strategist, warrior and cook the Book of Monsters has ever produced. He talks in big words and fights the big fights. Too bad he rarely wins…

Book of Monsters Description

You want to rule the world with a monster army? You need an amazing general. Magmar's the greatest military strategist and warrior I've ever seen! Fierce. Powerful. And maybe a bit fancy? He uses big words and educated -sounding stuff - like an artist or philosopher. Most monsters? They growl a lot. Magmar? He enunciates excessively. I don't even know what he's talking about half the time. Still, he gets the job done a lot better than those other bottom-scratching lava brutes. Plus he's an amazing cook! You have just GOT to try his Magma Chip Cookies.



"We don't follow your orders anymore!" -Mayor Magmar to Monstrox, Hot Rock Massage.


  • He is Jestro's chief strategist.
  • In the show, he is practical and overly literal, while in the Merlok 2.0 app he is very eccentric and a bit mad.
  • He refers to himself as 'The Sultan of Siege'.
  • He is much more intelligent than most of the other Lava Monsters.
  • He was Monstrox's second-in-command.
  • He is sometimes referred to by Jestro as his 'general manager.'
  • His greatest regret is hearing his least favorite saying.
  • Similar to Chef Savage, he is a professional cook. However, Savage seems to cook better.
  • His hairpiece is the same as Nadakhan from Ninjago.
  • He is the founder of Burningham and became the mayor as seen in Hot Rock Massage.

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