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Lava Monster Army
Lava Monster Army
Years 2016
Known Members Jestro (former leader)
General Magmar (leader)
Book of Monsters (summoner)
Book Keeper
Beast Master
Ash Attackers
Crust Smashers
Flame Throwers
Spider Globlins
First TV Appearance All episodes in 2016
Part Army
Allies Forest Monster Army
Sea Monster Army

Nexo Knights (currently)

Enemies Nexo Knights (formerly)
Leader Jestro (formerly)
General Magmar
Status Alive

The Lava Monsters are a legion of fiery magma creatures; evil demons summoned by Jestro via the Book of Monsters. They are the main villains for the first year of Nexo Knights. Their leader is General Magmar.

They seemed to have reformed and are willing to join forces with the Nexo Knights as seen in the episode “Hot Rock Massage”. They currently live in Burningham, a town found by General Magmar, who became their mayor.


The Lava Monsters serve as the army of Jestro and the Book of Monsters. Certain members such as Lavaria and Moltor are known as "Scourges" and have specific roles.


Most lava monsters have fiery red skin, though a few have molten black skin while others have orange or yellow skin. Some monsters are made of molten lava yet others are made of rock. All of them have yellow eyes.



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