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Robot Hoodlum is a rebel Squirebot who lives in Rock Wood
Robot Hoodlum
Years 2017
Set Appearances 70358 Aaron's Stone Destroyer
TV Episodes Storm Over Rock Wood
Allies Merry Mechs
Built for Stealing from the rich
Weapons & Gear Bow and Arrow
Quote "Take from the rich! And... never mind the rest.
Voice Actor  ?

with his banc of merry mechs.

Background Description

Robin Hoodlum is a rebel squirebot who lives in Rock Wood with his band of Merry Mechs. They steal from the rich and spend the money taking care of the many forgotten and disused bots that have joined them over the years. Robin is a great thief, an expert in stealth and stealing. He could even sneak into the Fortrex if he wanted to. Robin is not bad. He is not good. Robin is his own.

Season 3

Storm over rockwood



  • 70358 Aaron's Stone Destroyer

TV Series

  • Storm Over Rock Wood
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